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My Freelance After 50 Story

I am sitting in front of a blank piece of digital paper asking myself what business do I have writing about freelancing after fifty?

The truth is, I have plenty.

I've been a freelancer on and off -- this is my third time out -- for the past 16 years. I started penultimately at age 49 the first time. That lasted just over a year until I joined a blogging technology startup.

The second excursion occurred at age 54, following the publishing of my second book The Digital Handshake. That version lasted about seven years, during which I started a small business, Chaney Marketing Group, and hired freelancers.

I've been at it for a third time since June 2020. I was 64 then; I'm 66 now... and having the time of my life!

Cumulatively, that comes to about 10 years in a freelancing role. So, maybe, yes, I do have something to say.

My goal is to help people 50 and older 1) consider freelancing as a "second act" career and 2) provide personal advice and resources to get started. Think of me as a "Walmart greeter" here to welcome you and show you the way in. ("Marketing tips?" That's on aisle 15 next to sales.)

My plan is to do this every two weeks. (I read about people who published their 100th newsletter or 400th podcast and wonder how that's even possible... but I'm up for the challenge. The payoff is worth it.)

Here's the funny thing. While there is a ton of content about freelancing, a bunch of organizations focused on freelancers, and plenty of platforms where freelancers can showcase their wares, there is relatively little discussion about freelancing after 50.

That's not to suggest the two don't share many commonalities, but there are unique aspects to starting a freelance career later in life (we'll get to the reasons in the next newsletter).

For now, I've listed some of the content that's surfaced on first page Google returns, most of which date back to 2020 and earlier. I hope to change that and keep the conversation going.

See you in two weeks!


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